How it works

It’s a fact that selling your home can be a pain! But, after stopping by our, you’ll have a very good idea what’s involved and will likely want to find a buyer within our network! While we can’t promise you we will buy your house in the next few days, we can tell you we will work with our network of Real Estate Investors to get you your best opportunity to sell quickly and easily, because they’re constantly looking for and buying homes like yours, all across Arkansas.

We look for properties in most any condition, that most areas that can be purchased with cash, through owner finance options or may even bring in a traditional lender. Ultimately, we are in the business of helping people who need to sell and want to do it without hassle.

Here’s how it works…

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First, fill out the simple form at

When you fill out the form you’ll be asked some simple questions. The info you provide is necessary for us to have your contact info and some essential info about the property.  Please be as thorough, detailed and complete as you can be, when filling out the online form.

Once we process the initial contact information one of our team members will call you to follow and collect some additional information to get the best understanding of your property and the current situation.

Depending on the situation we may offer cash for a fast purchase, or we like to use our real estate skills to bring creative solutions to your property in order to create a win-win scenario in most cases. Not all. Sometimes sellers are a bit unrealistic about their property, what it’s worth and what they want to sell it for.

So, in other words, if the seller has a house worth $100,000 that needs $20,000 in repairs, and is asking $100,000, it is very unlikely that we would be able to achieve a win-win deal. We need to be able to create a win-win scenario meaning it works for you… and it works for us as well.